Internet Business: 5 Traffic Strategies Associated With Shawn Casey

You do not have to become an expert webmaster or artist to drive traffic to your internet business site or even blog. Last night I logged into Success University as well as took a course on the subject of visitors with noted Internet marketer and also attorney Shawn Casey. It had been about a 35 minute sound presentation with the most important stage being to simply take activity.

I’ve often found personally in the “Paralysis by Analysis” boat so it was great to hear a message of staying away from it from a guy associated with his stature.

Strategy one: Get Your Own Website

Casey declared you absolutely need your own internet business site and that you will never get seo using generic affiliate websites. I agree with that and will include that it’s much easier to start and keep a blog, but that is my opinion. One thing he told me I found compelling was that you need to never submit your internet business site to look engines and that it really works against your ranking. It really is much better for their spiders to discover you with updated content material.

If you are not a webmaster or perhaps technically savy, you can do research online for hosting providers which have easy to use templates you can use to slice and past your way to some descent looking site. When you find a hosting company you’ll have to purchase your domain name or maybe URL if you haven’t currently done so. If you have not, my suggestion on this is really as follows:

*** If you’re webhost sells domain names, keep it underneath the same roof and buy this (register it) with them. You are able to probably get it cheaper somewhere else but it is one less point you have to deal with when you level your URL to your internet business site.

Strategy 2: Keep Your Content Fresh

Search engine bots like fresh content and the Internet, content is king. Within Shawn Casey’s explanation, this individual stresses that you do not need to be ideal; you need to be consistent. Write about points you’ve recently learned, what their thoughts are, anything, simply do it and do it frequently.

If you don’t like to create at all, Casey suggests likely to article directories to use other authors’ articles to put on your internet business site as fresh content. You have to, however , keep the author’s resource box within tact with the article when utilizing their material.

Three from the more popular article directories are:


There are hundreds of other people smaller ones. If you are taking blog approach, you will want to allow the search engines know every time you remodel your internet business site with fresh at ease with a process called “Pinging”. The best way to do this is to go to “”, enter your WEB ADDRESS and/or RSS feed link, and ask for pings. Within seconds, you receive messages of which engines approved your ping request.

Strategy 3 – Get Hyperlinks Back to Your Internet Business Site (Reciprocal Linking)

Casey, and many other successful internet marketers, contend that in order to get best search engine ranking, you need other sites out there linking back to your own. The more websites linking to your internet business site, the higher your ranking is going to be. He says that you can do this particular manually but it would have a lot of time and work.

Strategy 4 – Press Aannouncements

Another strategy Shawn Casey discusses on his Success College course is the use of press announcements. Again he stresses it doesn’t have to be perfect or perhaps a literary masterpiece. Just write down thier thing and get it out generally there with links back to your internet business site. Like strategy three they says there are free to publish to press release sites however doesn’t necessarily regard all of them highly. Here he suggests where the PUBLIC RELATIONS is short for, you guessed the idea, press release. With the increasing number of individuals getting their news on the internet and avoiding traditional types of media (probably because they are therefore biased), news distribution on the internet is firmly planted and also the search engines are not only part of the item, they are competing to get this in front of you and people with information are competing to get that on the search engines so it is definitely a healthy market for years in the future.

Strategy 5 – Article promotion

In Strategy 2, Casey discussed getting fresh articles from articles directories. You could be on the reverse side of this and get reciprocal links utilizing a technique known as Article Marketing. Rather than go to these directories to get written content, Casey suggests writing information and submitting them your self. What happens is, you become the writer and the expert and your hyperlinks are in your author research box pointing back to your internet business site. Once your article is actually accepted, you get instant trustworthiness and links back to your internet business site. If others like whatever you wrote and put your post on their site you get much more links back. It’s nearly like creating viral targeted traffic.

For those who still do not want to create, Casey suggests going to where he states you can hire people to compose articles for you. Either way, the actual reputable directories do not like self-promotion and affiliate links and the like in your articles. They want info that others will find helpful and will reject your distribution if you are merely trying to market yourself.

Simply write beneficial information that people can use in addition to use the strategies discussed through Sean Casey and you will obtain traffic.


Internet Business: 5 Reasons Why The Online Events Are More Popular

Online events have become more popular within the last 2 years mainly because of the subsequent:

1. Convenience – Going to online events do not require you to definitely leave your home. Thus, there is no need to worry about gas, traffic, car parking, accommodations and if your children tend to be 5 year old and over you might not even need a baby sitter. You do not even need to get outfitted and made up to attend an internet business event.

2. Time – Another benefit of having an online occasion is the TIME FACTOR. It really is great that people do not have to be worried about being at a certain location in a certain time since the function is online. As long as there is a computer and Internet connection, and that they can connect during the times that the celebration is on, then, all of them set.

3. Technology : With today’s technology, attending on the internet business events can be as inter-active because attending physical conferences or even expos. People are able to system via chat rooms. They can community using text chat and even voice chat. People can connection with others and possibly actually joint venture on projects. They are able to exchange personal and company information in a flash.

4. Price – Online events usually do not cost as much as physical occasions. This is great for the internet business affair host and for the individuals as well. Hosting an online occasion can yield similar leads to hosting a physical function with out the extra cost as well as work.

5. Fun – Online events can be large amount of fun. Some of the things that could make an online event successful and also memorable are contests, special gifts, networking opportunities, audios along with presentations.

Like any other celebration, whether online or off-line, one thing to remember is that marketing of your internet business is the key to getting lots of visitors and participants for your online event.


Earn Money With Articles: Easy To Read Articles

When writing articles, make sure to keep your readers in mind. Studies have shown that most Internet readers tend to scan a page to find the information they are looking for, rather than reading the entire page.

This means having good titles, a lot of subtitles, and making use of bullet points to help your readers easily scan your page. Readers prefer a site like this that is easy to use and will be more willing to come back to your site time and time again.

The more that your readers return, the more opportunities you will have to get them to click on each one of your affiliate links. Failing to write your articles in this manner, or to have them written this way, could turn your site visitors away before they even have a chance to see what you have to say or to learn what your affiliate links are all about.

Keeping your articles organized as recommended will keep your visitors returning and enable your site to continue earn money with articles for you.


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